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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Why hire a male escort? My story begins here...

My first blog post! Looks like I'm going to pop my Blogger cherry here, so here goes... ;-)

I'm Lady Luck, your hostess for the evening. If you told me five or ten years ago I would be hiring male escorts, my response would have been, "What are you smoking? I'm never going to do that! Are there even such things as straight male escorts?" Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there are, and I plan to share my experiences with you.

How did I go from being in two long-term relationships to this exploratory phase in my life? Although I was in love with both of my exes, in the long run, they could not give me what I wanted over a period of time, physically or emotionally. They were both older men (and I confess, I still have a weakness for older gentlemen to this day), but eventually they became more like my father than my boyfriend.

I began searching for a new person around my own age whom I felt could give me the next long-term relationship that I so desired, but again, I was disappointed by the men I went out with. I used to call a free dating chatline, but all I got were unemployed, lazy losers, douchebags, sleazoids, game-players, manipulators, perverts who were only out for a piece of ass, or guys who were decent enough, but I had no chemistry with them at all. For a laugh, I'll be sharing you some of these horror stories in the future as well. I even tried Craigslist. Don't ever, ever, EVER use CL to find someone. CL is The Antichrist. I'm serious.

I went to professional dating services like It's Just Lunch, but at the time, I didn't want to pay what I felt were exorbitant fees for what they felt my ideal man should be. I tried eHarmony (I was rejected),, Yahoo! Personals, and Plenty of Fish. I even tried a site called Sugar Daddy For Me. Nothing worked. Either the men who contacted me and were interested weren't my type and I wasn't feeling it, or the men I liked were not interested in me. Even in real life this was the case. I was rejected by a man my own age that I was deeply in love with, but even though I felt a strong attraction to this person, and I felt almost positive he was attracted to me as well, he didn't bite the bait. This pushed me over the edge to do what I am doing today.

Now, I won't lie to you. I'm not going to claim to be this freewheeling playgirl, even though it may seem like that on the surface. I may enjoy playing the role for a while, but eventually this roller-coaster ride will come to an end once I meet Mr. Right. I'm still searching for that ideal long-term relationship, even marriage one day, but until Prince Charming (if there is such a thing) comes to sweep me off my feet, I have no qualms about hiring companions until then.

I am kind of high-maintenence. I'm your "champagne taste on a beer budget" type of girl. :-) Most men don't have a clue on how to treat a lady, in or out of the bedroom. The men I was going out with wouldn't be able to take me to the lavish places I wanted or treat me the way I deserved to be treated - like a queen.

So I decided I would take a chance and hire someone to be my date for the evening, to go to the best shows, restaurants, and hotels. Why not? I've worked hard my whole life at various mind-numbing jobs and at school. Why shouldn't I treat myself? Why shouldn't I have a true gentleman on my arm for once who would make me feel wanted, needed, and desired for my mind as well as my body, on my terms? There was no one out there I could find for free like that, unfortunately. If I found a man like that to be in a relationship with, then I wouldn't be sitting in front of my laptop blogging about this today.

In a future blog post I will talk more about the conflicting emotions that comes from the experience as well. Right now I want to focus on the good things, think happy thoughts, and be positive because you only get one ride in life. As Bette Davis famously said in All About Eve, "Fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a bumpy night." ;-)