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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The financial aspect of hiring a companion

Today I would like to focus on the big issue when it comes to hiring a companion: MONEY.

Hiring a male escort isn't cheap. If it was, everyone would be doing it and it would quickly lose its allure. Being able to afford a man of good breeding, manners, style, taste, sophistication, and eloquence is a luxury, especially in these hard economic times when more people are holding onto their money rather than spending it. Only ladies of means (or those who are lucky enough to save up enough money, like me) can hire a companion. When you find the right man who will treat you to a wonderful evening where you get to feel completely desired like the beautiful woman you are, then it is worth every penny. Like the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for."

Nearly all the male escorts I've talked to said they got into their profession because they were tired of a 9 to 5 existence and wanted to experience something exciting and different. Some of them are doing this to pay for school and will go on to do something else in the future, some of them do it part-time in addition to a regular day job, and others are doing this as their full-time career. Some work independently or for an agency. For whatever reason they choose to do it, the one thing I know for certain is that they love doing it and they want to be able to do whatever it takes to please you and make you happy. They know they cannot exist without you, the client, who is number one.

Many of them will either offer an in-call where you will meet them at a location of their choice, or if you're not comfortable, you can always have them meet you in a public place, and if you feel comfortable enough, at a hotel or your own home (out-call). The rates for male companions are called "donations". Most will have a bare minimum rate of an hour to two hours. This is about $300-400, depending on the companion. One of them offered me an introductory cocktail package of $300 for a minimum of three hours. If you want more time with them, dinner will usually run you about $1,000-$1,500, but then again, it varies. For longer engagements that last 12-14 hours or 24 hours, then it usually runs about $2,000-$3,000+. If you want to hire a companion for a longer engagement, they are willing to negotiate a fair price with you.

All of them are willing to travel to meet you anywhere in the world. Some even include the price of the flight, dinner, and hotel in their package along with their donation. Others will want you to pay for their travel expenses, unless you hire them for longer than 24 hours, then they will pay for their own airfare. You are responsible for all your own expenses accrued during your time with him (hotel, dinner, cab fare, etc.).

The donation is always paid in cash and it must always be discreetly given to him in an plain white envelope, like a gift card, a gift bag, book, or magazine. It is expected you give it to him within the first 20 minutes of meeting each other. Some companions will want you to lay it on a table. Others you can hand it to directly. Again, it depends on the companion's discretion. Some may count it out in front of you, some may not. My advice is that you never mention one word about the money when you give it to him. Trust in good faith that he has it all under control. He is a pro and the last thing you need to do is worry about money. Once you get the money issue out of the way, then you're good to go. :-)

A deposit through Paypal or some other form of electronic payment is required for out-of-town engagements, so that there's a guarantee, or insurance policy, if you will, that he knows you won't flake out on him for any reason. If it so happens you must cancel or rearrange your plans, please give him plenty of advance notice, otherwise he will have to charge you at least half of what you agreed to pay him to make up for being inconvenienced, and you don't want to have to deal with that.

Earlier I mentioned that it can be difficult for a woman to make this decision because it's not as mainstream as men hiring female escorts. How do you know the man on the other side of the computer screen isn't a con artist trying to swindle you out of your hard-earned money? Rest assured, all the men on this blog have been verified, and if he is serious about his livelihood, he will give you plenty of references to check out and reviews to put you at ease. Beware if he doesn't easily offer you this information, or if he charges exorbitant amounts of money. If he tries to pressure you into hiring him right away, watch out. A true pro will never try to force you into doing something you're not comfortable with. Always trust your instincts. If something doesn't feel right, DON'T DO IT.

The bottom line is, you are paying for a true gentleman's company. If only regular men could treat you like this for free, then we wouldn't have male escorts, unfortunately. But I have to admit, a lot of men out there are clueless on how to treat women with respect, so luckily we do have gentlemen who will give you the "BFE" or "Boyfriend Experience" for however long you want to spend time with them. It's about quality, not quantity, I always say, and for such a unique, sensual, and pleasurable experience, you should be absolutely sure you are getting exactly what you want when you want it.

However, I advise you should not break the bank. It can be addicting to keep hiring someone that you had the time of your life with. If your financial situation isn't completely stable at the moment, it is good to wait until you're 100% ready to do something like this. It shouldn't drive you into the poor house. Once you are ready, though, get ready for an experience that will make your wildest dreams come true.

EDIT: For more information in greater detail about etiquette and donations when it comes to hiring a male companion, please check out this thread from Concierge du Monde.