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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Finding a straight male escort - Where do you begin and what to look out for

So you're sitting in front of the computer, or you have the yellow pages in front of you, or one of those free magazines that advertise "Alternative Lifestyles" in the back columns, or something to that effect? How does a woman go about looking for a straight male escort? It can be really nerve-wracking and scary. I totally understand where you're coming from. There's tons of advice out there for men looking for female providers, but the concept of women hiring men is relatively new. This is how I did it.

Well, let's start with the trusty old search engine, Google. I did a search for "male escorts" at first, but I kept getting a lot of sites like Adult Friend Finder or something similar, but not what I was looking for. I didn't want just some random booty call. Again, I searched Craigslist, but I didn't trust the men on there.

I looked in my local yellow pages (and the Entertainment section is literally hundreds of pages long with tons of advertisements for escorts in Vegas), but they were mainly women, and the men who were advertised in it were clearly gay. I refined my search to include "straight male escorts for women", or something similar, and I started to find more websites of men that were closer to what I wanted, but not quite. I found one provider (I won't mention his name here) but what he had to say about his clients was so disrespectful and demeaning to women, plus his prices were outrageous. He seemed to show up as one of the first, if not the first result that came up.

I found directories with straight male escorts, but the men on there did not look any better than your typical, garden-variety, wannabe gigolo you could find on CL. I did find a provider here in Vegas whose prices were right, but he made me feel icky. It was obvious he used his camera phone to take pictures and it was very unprofessional. Another guy was on a lot of the other directories as well, but he wasn't my type - too buff (I don't like beefcake all that much). Nevertheless, the search went on.

Finally, I landed on a website for Companion X (his name is kept anonymous for personal reasons - in a future post I will tell you all about my experience with him). Although he was handsome, his bio was impressive, and he had a lovely website, I still had my doubts. The website looked really good - in fact, it looked too good - it was almost fake-looking. I wasn't sure if he was legit. If I am going to give thousands of dollars of my hard-earned money to a stranger, he'd better be legit and not some scam.

So I Googled the hell out of him. I couldn't find any reviews, which made me suspicious, but I didn't find anything unsavory about him either, so I took a chance and sent him the dreaded first email. Within twenty-four hours I had a response from him. After a couple of emails, he trusted me enough to give me his phone number, and we kept in touch until our date.

Don't be surprised if your escort Googles you as well, or wants to check an employment reference. He also wants to know that he's dealing with a real client and that you're not law enforcement. It is a good rule of thumb to keep in regular contact with your companion. Let him get to know you, so you both feel like you have a chemistry, friendship, and camaraderie with each other when you finally meet in person.

Also, think of your budget and the time you will spend with him. Obviously it depends on what you want to hire him for. Personally, if I feel good talking to him on the phone and through email, and that chemistry carries over in real life, I would hire my companion for a minimum of twenty-four hours. This will give you plenty of time to be comfortable with him, have plenty of fun, and a sense of intimacy between the two of you.

The last time I hired my companion we spent about sixteen hours together, which was actually longer than the time I hired him for (twelve to fourteen hours), we had so much fun and it was still not enough time for more "uplifting" moments. ;-)

It is a very good sign that he has professionally-done pictures on his website, a blog, or Twitter, to show you that he is indeed a real person, and not law enforcement himself (believe me, that was one of my concerns too - am I going to be arrested if I do this?). Ask him to provide you with references or reviews from past clients. He will be more than happy to do so if you are serious about hiring him.

His bio will also tell you a lot about him. Even though one companion may be drop-dead gorgeous, he might not be a good fit for you, but another one who catches your eye will. Do you want a guy-next-door type, someone laid-back, fun, and relaxed? Or someone more sophisticated, cultured, worldly, and mysterious? The style of his website will be a good indicator of the type of man you imagine yourself with for the evening.

Above all, please have respect for your companion. He is still a human being, not a sex toy. He will do what you ask of him (within reason). If he is uncomfortable with something, you will be uncomfortable as well, and you don't want that. You want to have the highest quality experience because you are rewarding and pampering yourself. He is there to do all he can to make you feel special because you deserve it.

Is it illegal to hire a male escort, you may be asking yourself? No, because you are paying for his time and companionship ONLY. Anything else that should happen is between you and him, and it is a private matter between consenting adults. He won't discuss anything illegal that may possibly compromise him and he cares very much about discretion. Whatever does happen, rest assured you are with a pro and he will make you feel wanted, desired, and needed, something "regular" men may be clueless about. Happy hunting! :-D