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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sexy Smith from Seattle

Today I would like to write about my special male companion, Smith Curren. :-)

As you read in an earlier post, I was very disappointed in the first choice I made. Despite my disappointment, I was still thinking of giving Companion X a second chance. Ironically, I found Smith through Companion X's website. I decided to click on his banner out of curiosity. I am so glad I did.

Smith's website is not as polished or fancy as X's (he designed it himself), but it speaks volumes about how down-to-earth and natural he is as a person. I liked his sense of humor and warmth, which came through in his bio. I got a good idea of what he looked like through the pictures on his site even though you don't see his entire face, but you can still see his captivating smile. I read on his blog, The Past and Pending, that he was a fan of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack, which I am as well. I also liked that he was into eclectic things like this indie movie he wrote about. Judging from that, I felt like he had class and good taste. I decided I would take a chance and contact him.

We exchanged a couple of emails before he gave me his number. We hit it off right away. He has this loud, hearty laugh that I really like, which is a lot like mine. He is easily amused and loves a good risque joke. He is also easy to flirt with and have a conversation with. Within the first five minutes of speaking to him, I felt like I had known him for years and that he was an old friend of mine. He has a deep, sexy voice and I liked that he thought my voice was sexy as well. (Plus, he is a Capricorn! Straight-laced, cool, nonchalant, and understated on the outside; hot, passionate, wild and uninhibited on the inside.) ;-)

I had no hesitations or doubts about him at all. He gave me a couple of references to check out, but I didn't feel it was necessary to contact them because I trusted him 100% and I respected his integrity. I never got any weird vibes about him at all. It was easy to plan what I was going to do with him once I hired him to visit me in Vegas. (Get your mind out of the gutter! LOL) ;-)

We both share a love of vintage Vegas, and I was pleasantly surprised that we had quite a few things in common. He sent me a couple of reviews from past clients and that also impressed me. What really sealed the deal for me were those gorgeous pictures! It made my imagination run wild - I started to think of myself being in those scenes and I was hooked. ;-)

Of course, naturally I was nervous when I checked into the hotel the day of our date. He sent a bunch of sweet text messages letting me know he had arrived and couldn't wait to meet me. He surprised me by saying he had checked into another room at the same hotel (companions will often have a separate hotel room as kind of a closet, if you will, to leave their stuff before meeting a client). I wanted to make sure I looked my best for him so I could make a great first impression.

My first impression of him was that he was charming, relaxed, and sweet. He is not conventionally handsome, but he has a distinctive look that would make you notice him instantly, whether he was dressed up in a suit and tie or casual clothes. He has brown spiky hair, brown eyes, and freckles. He wore the suit that you see in one of his pictures in the gallery section of his website (the picture where he's wearing the hat) because I had asked him to. His whole demeanor suggests that you are in for the time or your life, or as he often says, to cause trouble or mischief. ;-)

He looks older than 29, but that's a typical Cap trait - they look wiser beyond their years because they often are, but he has a youthful spirit and energy that is infectious. That's definitely a plus in his favor. He also has a very nice, athletic body and has this cute little strut when he walks. He never stopped holding my hand or ceased being affectionate and romantic with me, which is something that made me feel very happy.

What I also like about him is that he's an open book and I appreciate his honesty and sincerity. He mainly wanted to know about me, which I wasn't really prepared for since the man I knew before (the one I wrote the poems for in my earlier post) was Smith's total opposite and antithesis. If you can imagine a man who is proud, vain, arrogant, egotistical, spoiled, self-centered, flashy, showy, and basically a total jerkoff who thinks it's all about "me, me, me", then you know this is definitely NOT who Smith is. (Ladies, I think we've all met and fallen for smarmy assholes like that at some point in our lives.) He wasn't intimidated or afraid of me and I felt safe and comfortable being in his company. He was such a breath of fresh air. It was nice to be with someone humble for a change who was genuinely interested in getting to know me and couldn't wait to be alone with me.

I surprised him with dinner at the Sinatra restaurant at Encore, knowing he would appreciate it because he's a fan, and he was thrilled. We walked around the Strip and I was happy to show him all the points of interest. My only regret is that I wish I had more time to spend with him. I don't think the time we had was enough because we enjoyed ourselves too damn much. I plan to hire him for many more dates in the future. If you read my review on CDM, I'll say it again. You'd be wasting your time if you hire someone else. If both my blog and review impressed you enough, then you should click on Smith's banner above and contact him. Except if he's in Vegas, he'll be all tied up LOL. Sorry, ladies! ;-)

I'm glad that he is my friend and I am extremely proud to know him. He is a true gentleman. :-)