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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Male escorts in popular culture: Example #2 - "The Wedding Date" you'll want to skip

The Wedding Date (2005) is a forgettable, trite, paint-by-numbers romantic comedy that occasionally plays on cable from time to time. It stars Debra Messing (from Will and Grace) and Delmot Mulroney (My Best Friend's Wedding). Even though I think it is a lousy movie and I want to rip it to shreds, it still features the male lead character as a male escort, and by this saving grace alone, that is the film's only merit.

Kat (Messing) hires a male escort named Nick (Mulroney) for the weekend so she can attend her sister's wedding in London, and to get back at her ex-boyfriend, who will also be attending. I don't have to tell you very much. It's obvious Kat and Nick are going to fall in love, and that her ex is a lying, scum-sucking, douchebag loser who never learned his lesson by being a chronic womanizer. Not only that, we are led to believe Kat will just readily forgive her sister cheating with her ex! Please. If it was me, it would take me a hell of a long time to forgive her, if I chose to at all.

I felt like this movie totally insulted my intelligence. I'll bet it was made by a bunch of hacks who sat around thinking, "How can we milk the rom-com cash cow for all it's worth? Oh, let's do a story about a male escort and his female client who fall in love, but we want to make it accessible to the masses and sucker poor, unsuspecting women out of their hard-earned cash, so let's dumb down the story as much as possible - oh, and let's throw in some Michael Bublé songs to boot. That guy's popular now. Yeah, yeah - let's do it that way!" Seriously. Hollywood makes me ill sometimes. But it's partly the public's fault for letting Hollywood spoonfeed crap like this into their mouths.

The only scenes I thought were kind of decent and had some heat were the parts where Nick tells Kat how incredible she is when he leans against her by the car and when they make love on the boat for the first time. They do have some snappy banter the next morning, which I thought was kind of funny, about how he didn't charge her "extra" for something sexual she did to him, which is never mentioned. I actually liked the chemistry between Messing and Mulroney. I like them both as actors very much, but even good actors can be ruined by a bad story and script.

I wish they had given Nick more character development. Why did he become a male escort? Also, I felt they needed to push Nick and Kat's relationship to a deeper level. Why does Nick all of a sudden fall for Kat? Just because her ex is treating her like shit and he feels he would be a better man for her? What is it about Kat that would make him give up his profession and his freedom to be with her just like that? Why does she fall for him? More, more, more. I needed MORE, and the film makers didn't give it to me. It's the same old story we've seen re-hashed a hundred times. I just wanted a different take on the "reformed rake" story.

Don't get me wrong. I am a sucker for chick flicks/romantic comedies as much as the next girl, but this one wasn't very good IMO. I wouldn't waste your time on this drivel. You can watch it on Youtube for free if you want (I think someone uploaded it there), but you'd still be wasting your time.

At the very least, it brought male companionship to the forefront of mainstream America, even in its mediocre form.

(The right editing in a trailer can make a movie look better and more flawless than it is. Trust me, I'm an editor myself, so I know.) ;-)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Male escorts in popular culture: Example #1 - Zalman King's Red Shoe Diaries - "How I Met My Husband"

This will be an ongoing series of blog posts as I explore the role of the male escort in popular culture.

Red Shoe Diaries was a soft porn series that aired on Showtime during the 90s. I discovered it when I was 17 during my senior year of high school. At the time, it was a big deal for me to watch something like this because it was the raciest stuff I had seen up to that point in my life. Some episodes were better than others, but this particular episode, "How I Met My Husband", is one of my favorites.

The pilot episode starred David Duchovny of The X-Files fame, who played a man named Jake. His fiancee, Alex, kills herself after becoming involved in a reckless affair with another man. Despondent and looking for answers as to why Alex would take her own life, Jake takes out an ad in the classifieds asking women to share their stories of love, loss, and betrayal, thus creating the "Red Shoe Diaries" that focuses on a different woman's experience through a letter he gets every week.

I felt a little strange seeing this episode after so many years for some reason. It's still sexy, maybe not quite as titillating as it once was, but I still think the acting is fairly good and decent, as well as the story. The shy woman who becomes the dominatrix Mistress Eve and the male escort/exotic dancer Giuseppe have good chemistry. Ironically, I thought the brief sex scene with Giuseppe and the rich woman in her Rolls-Royce was sexier than the final scene at the end, which was a little contrived, but still kind of hot. Overall, a nice fantasy. :-)

P.S. I always loved the intro and the theme song! ;-)

EDIT: The episode is no longer available for free online. However, you can purchase it through VOD on Youtube here:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Video: The Tyra Banks Show - "Would you hire a male escort?"

I found this segment through CDM about male escorts (i.e. "prostitution") that was recently featured on The Tyra Banks Show. Occasionally I watch it if there happens to be something good on. Here is the clip:

I have mixed emotions about it. On one hand, I'm glad Tyra had featured a real "Hung"-type male companion on her show, to show mainstream America that women like me do pay for a real man to keep us company, to give us what we want, and that it's not only men who get to have fun, but we should have those rights as well. It doesn't make us "desperate" like some nasty comments I read on her website and on Youtube. We just value quality and that makes us discerning ladies with class and good taste who want nothing but the best. :-)

Overall, it was very interesting. I wish I could find the second part of the segment, to know what happened with his female client that he went out on a date with. I found his website. It's called Cowboys for Angels. Some of the men on there are kind of cute, I must say. ;-)

On the other hand, the scenario about the husband watching his wife have dinner with the companion while he sat in the corner was a little creepy. It made my skin crawl. Okay, I understand that couples do hire male escorts to - ahem - service their wives or girlfriends. Whatever floats your boat, I always say. I personally wouldn't want to share my husband with another woman if I was married, but I cannot be the judge of what someone else wants to do with his or her sex life. That is their business.

It thought it was kind of funny when Tyra asked the companion about remaking Pretty Woman as Pretty Man, meaning what if he fell in love with one of his clients and wanted to start a future with her. He has the right attitude, though. Companions and clients should not go out for free, and they definitely should NOT have "real" relationships. That's just not allowed. It complicates things too much.

Sorry, Tyra, girl. That, sadly, is only a fairytale.

Here's a quote from a calendar I have up on my wall: "Men are like credit cards. There's a limit to how much fun you can have with them."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Male escort banners and websites

Here are the banners of all the independent male escorts I have verified personally on the web, along with directories and agencies. Happy hunting and I hope you find the right male companion for you! :-D

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The Straight Male Escort
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Eros Male Escorts - Top 100 - Worldwide

Intimate moments with your companion

After a fun and wonderful night out on the town with your special male companion, you've made the decision - you want to go to bed with him. This is very common. In fact, people will say that is the main reason why you hire a male escort in the first place.

A companion put it in this clever analogy. Say you hire a man to paint your house. You find he is cute, attractive, and sexy, and you end up sleeping with him. Think of a male escort in the same way. You hire him for his time and sex just happens to be a bonus. As long as you don't specifically mention any acts that may possibly compromise both of you, you'll be able to enjoy these special moments with him with no problems at all.

Whatever happens in private is a decision made between two consenting adults. My personal opinion is that sex is a union between two bodies and souls. As long as both of you know what you're getting into, there is no harm in it at all. No one should be the judge of what is right and wrong when it comes to your sex life. Sex is a beautiful, natural, and precious thing that should be experienced by two people who want to enjoy, satisfy, and please each other to the fullest extent. Seduction is all about pleasure and that's what you want it to feel like - a seduction.

How do you approach him about it? It depends on the situation and how you're both feeling at the time. You may have to ask him if you want to go back to the hotel, or your place, instead of the other way around for legal reasons, or he may have an in-call of his own to invite you to. In my case, I was asked, "At some point we should be going back to the hotel, don't you think?" Of course, I knew at some point during the night we were going to end up there eventually. If both of you are completely comfortable knowing where it's headed, then it should be an unspoken thing between the two of you.

I was extremely nervous right before it happened. I don't know why because I couldn't wait to go to bed with him and I knew he felt the same way about me. I guess it had been so long since I had made love to a man, especially since my first experience with a companion had been so awkward and disappointing. It turned out I had nothing to worry about because it was one of the best experiences of my life. It is perfectly normal for you to feel nervous with a new lover. I'm sure it happens to all of us. It's also the anticipation of what will happen that sparks that reaction.

If he is a true gentleman outside in public, then he should be an excellent lover behind closed doors. This is the real test of how good he is - how best he knows how to please you. He should be able to do whatever you want to make you feel like a real woman, to bring out your sensuality, to pleasure you like no one else has ever been able to. You want to feel like your most secret desires and fantasies have been brought to life before your very eyes. It will feel like a tantalizing, delicious, erotic dream. You should give in to these moments totally and enjoy being with such a wonderful and handsome man, who wants to take you to the heights of ecstasy and melts away your fears and inhibitions. He will pamper and spoil you, and take his time. It will totally be worth every penny for all the time you spent with him.

Like any great lover, he will listen to what you want. He will never make you do anything you don't feel comfortable with. In fact, the ideal situation (like mine) was not even having to say anything at all! The mark of a lover who is totally in tune with your sexuality is someone you naturally connect with in bed without having to explain what he should do. It was almost like he could read my mind - it was that good. He should also be responsible and practice safe sex at all times.

He will also give you a massage and that is something else that feels fantastic. Just picture yourself lying on the bed and having a man run his strong hands all over your body, making you feel relaxed and at ease. Afterward he will hold you and tell you how beautiful you are. Maybe he will invite you take a shower or a bath with him. This is also a great time to relax and have fun, talking flirtatiously in the tub while sipping some wine or champagne. It should feel like you've died and gone to Heaven, which is what the whole experience is all about, having a real man take care of you, knowing that he is happy that he has made you feel happy too.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting to know your companion

So you've found the right companion after searching high and low on the internet, or however. In this blog, I will discuss getting to know your companion so that you feel comfortable with him.

Think of him as you would any potential would-be suitor. Break the ice by asking him questions such as how he got into escorting, what he likes or dislikes about it, his hobbies, interests, find out what makes him tick. He will ask you questions about what your likes and dislikes are as well. Also, what kind of plans do you have in mind for your time together? You could always talk about where you will take him for dinner, if you plan to see a show, and what hotel you will stay at.

If you feel comfortable enough discussing intimate topics, then the phone is a good place to do so instead of email, since there is more safety in verbalization rather than printed words, unless he's from a foreign country, where the laws are more open and relaxed than the United States. If he's certain you are not law enforcement, he will be more than happy to discuss such topics. Personally, I would not mention anything too explicit unless I felt there was mutual trust on both sides. Once the level of trust is established, don't be shy about letting him know what you want. If there's genuine chemistry between the two of you, that shouldn't be a problem. I will discuss the intimate part of companionship in a future blog.

If you're simply hiring him for an event, it's a good idea to go over what kind of story you will present to any people you and he may be interacting with if it's a wedding, high school reunion, business function, or any other social event. He has a lot of experience with the art of conversation and will be able to handle these events with ease like a consummate professional. Treat it almost like a fun role-playing "game". You are "acting" in real life and your friends, family, and co-workers will be none the wiser. What could be better than that? ;-)

Once you've been communicating for a while through email and phone calls, finally you meet him in person. For however long you hire him for, this man is all yours. ;-) After you've given him the donation and you finally start relaxing a little, everything should flow naturally between the two of you. Soon all the worries and burdens of your life will melt away, at least for one night, so you can feel special, admired, and adored. Once you finally know what his personality is like, it will be easy to find places to go and things to do that will be plenty of fun for both of you.

It doesn't necessarily have to end up in bed, but if it does, like I said before, that is a personal decision between both of you. If it feels right, do it. If it doesn't, then don't. As long as you feel safe and comfortable with him, you have nothing to worry about. He will take care of you. The power is in your hands. The ball is in your court. Now go out there and play! :-D

Friday, October 2, 2009

Companionship and The "L" Word - Part 2

Here I am, blogging about this again. I decided to explore the other scenario - if I never saw my companion again.

I didn't want to go there, but I felt like I had to. Another member on CDM posted something today about how once she felt like she was starting to have feelings for her companion, and how she found something she didn't like about him so she wouldn't have those feelings. I already know what it is I don't like, so perhaps I shall use that. She talked about the "bonding" hormones that are released after sex and how she started to feel sad that her companion had to leave. I admit, I felt sad afterwards, but I was able to shrug it off at the time. (Damn you, men! How come it's never an issue for you? Why do we women have to have this problem? LOL)

Or, the other difficult scenario, saying goodbye forever. If one day it becomes too hard to bear, and I do say goodbye, then it will also be goodbye to all of this: my blog, Twitter, and having anything to do with the subculture/alternative lifestyle. It would be cut permanently out of my life. I would have to make a clean break.

As I mentioned before, I feel like I lead a double-life that is exciting and thrilling, yet confusing and strange at the same time. As much as I like tweeting about sex with total strangers on my Companionista account, honestly, I will admit, I do sit down sometimes and think, "How can these people live like this?"

I have a high sex drive and I'm not a saint. I've done some things that aren't the most ethical, but I'm not promiscuous by any means. They, however, revel in their hedonism and aren't ashamed of it. More power to you as long as you're responsible and not hurting anybody, but I don't approve of it, personally. That's not who I am and I stand by own moral code. Lately, I have been questioning whether my moral code is the right one.

I could go out there and screw everything that moves, but I choose not to. I had a one-night stand with a stranger. Did I feel good about it? NO! So I don't understand why people have to get paid for it. I mean, we all have to earn our daily bread. I am trying not to judge you all. I know you gotta do what you gotta do, especially in these rough economic times. Maybe I am really a "closet conservative" like one follower said on Twitter. He also said I should "embrace" my alternative lifestyle. I don't know if I can give in completely to the "dark side". o.O

Does this make me a boring person? Am I a prude? Am I brainwashed by society? Have I been indoctrinated into society's norms? Are my values and morals just standing in my way? Should I just fuck anyone that's out there? Is marriage, monogamy, and faithfulness old-fashioned and outdated? Have I been wrong to want these things all these years? I know human beings are not naturally monogamous and maybe society is wrong? Now I am asking myself these questions and I have no answers. I don't want to feel like a hypocrite, but maybe I am.

Which brings me back to the hard choice: not seeing my companion again. Well, as I stated before, perhaps the scenario can be avoided by dating other men and facing the truth that a companion is not a boyfriend, and doing everything in my power to ignore the fact that he will see other people. Emotions have no place in an arragement like this - only fun and excitement without messy complications. That's how it should be.

I have my fantasies just like anyone else. Fantasies are harmless, safe, and can be controlled. Real life cannot. Nine times out of ten when I have acted my fantasies out I have been bitterly disappointed. Very rarely is real life better than a fantasy. One such occasion happened with my companion. If I experienced something that amazing once, it is only natural I would want to experience it again and again (or at least until I go broke LOL).

We can't always get everything we want in this life. That is the sad truth, my friends. I failed to get this other man to fall in love with me before I met my companion, and it devastated me. I am slowly getting over it. I realize it will never happen, and that's okay. I may have failed with someone else, but there has to be someone out there for me somewhere.

Till then, ignorance is bliss.