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Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting to know your companion

So you've found the right companion after searching high and low on the internet, or however. In this blog, I will discuss getting to know your companion so that you feel comfortable with him.

Think of him as you would any potential would-be suitor. Break the ice by asking him questions such as how he got into escorting, what he likes or dislikes about it, his hobbies, interests, find out what makes him tick. He will ask you questions about what your likes and dislikes are as well. Also, what kind of plans do you have in mind for your time together? You could always talk about where you will take him for dinner, if you plan to see a show, and what hotel you will stay at.

If you feel comfortable enough discussing intimate topics, then the phone is a good place to do so instead of email, since there is more safety in verbalization rather than printed words, unless he's from a foreign country, where the laws are more open and relaxed than the United States. If he's certain you are not law enforcement, he will be more than happy to discuss such topics. Personally, I would not mention anything too explicit unless I felt there was mutual trust on both sides. Once the level of trust is established, don't be shy about letting him know what you want. If there's genuine chemistry between the two of you, that shouldn't be a problem. I will discuss the intimate part of companionship in a future blog.

If you're simply hiring him for an event, it's a good idea to go over what kind of story you will present to any people you and he may be interacting with if it's a wedding, high school reunion, business function, or any other social event. He has a lot of experience with the art of conversation and will be able to handle these events with ease like a consummate professional. Treat it almost like a fun role-playing "game". You are "acting" in real life and your friends, family, and co-workers will be none the wiser. What could be better than that? ;-)

Once you've been communicating for a while through email and phone calls, finally you meet him in person. For however long you hire him for, this man is all yours. ;-) After you've given him the donation and you finally start relaxing a little, everything should flow naturally between the two of you. Soon all the worries and burdens of your life will melt away, at least for one night, so you can feel special, admired, and adored. Once you finally know what his personality is like, it will be easy to find places to go and things to do that will be plenty of fun for both of you.

It doesn't necessarily have to end up in bed, but if it does, like I said before, that is a personal decision between both of you. If it feels right, do it. If it doesn't, then don't. As long as you feel safe and comfortable with him, you have nothing to worry about. He will take care of you. The power is in your hands. The ball is in your court. Now go out there and play! :-D