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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Intimate moments with your companion

After a fun and wonderful night out on the town with your special male companion, you've made the decision - you want to go to bed with him. This is very common. In fact, people will say that is the main reason why you hire a male escort in the first place.

A companion put it in this clever analogy. Say you hire a man to paint your house. You find he is cute, attractive, and sexy, and you end up sleeping with him. Think of a male escort in the same way. You hire him for his time and sex just happens to be a bonus. As long as you don't specifically mention any acts that may possibly compromise both of you, you'll be able to enjoy these special moments with him with no problems at all.

Whatever happens in private is a decision made between two consenting adults. My personal opinion is that sex is a union between two bodies and souls. As long as both of you know what you're getting into, there is no harm in it at all. No one should be the judge of what is right and wrong when it comes to your sex life. Sex is a beautiful, natural, and precious thing that should be experienced by two people who want to enjoy, satisfy, and please each other to the fullest extent. Seduction is all about pleasure and that's what you want it to feel like - a seduction.

How do you approach him about it? It depends on the situation and how you're both feeling at the time. You may have to ask him if you want to go back to the hotel, or your place, instead of the other way around for legal reasons, or he may have an in-call of his own to invite you to. In my case, I was asked, "At some point we should be going back to the hotel, don't you think?" Of course, I knew at some point during the night we were going to end up there eventually. If both of you are completely comfortable knowing where it's headed, then it should be an unspoken thing between the two of you.

I was extremely nervous right before it happened. I don't know why because I couldn't wait to go to bed with him and I knew he felt the same way about me. I guess it had been so long since I had made love to a man, especially since my first experience with a companion had been so awkward and disappointing. It turned out I had nothing to worry about because it was one of the best experiences of my life. It is perfectly normal for you to feel nervous with a new lover. I'm sure it happens to all of us. It's also the anticipation of what will happen that sparks that reaction.

If he is a true gentleman outside in public, then he should be an excellent lover behind closed doors. This is the real test of how good he is - how best he knows how to please you. He should be able to do whatever you want to make you feel like a real woman, to bring out your sensuality, to pleasure you like no one else has ever been able to. You want to feel like your most secret desires and fantasies have been brought to life before your very eyes. It will feel like a tantalizing, delicious, erotic dream. You should give in to these moments totally and enjoy being with such a wonderful and handsome man, who wants to take you to the heights of ecstasy and melts away your fears and inhibitions. He will pamper and spoil you, and take his time. It will totally be worth every penny for all the time you spent with him.

Like any great lover, he will listen to what you want. He will never make you do anything you don't feel comfortable with. In fact, the ideal situation (like mine) was not even having to say anything at all! The mark of a lover who is totally in tune with your sexuality is someone you naturally connect with in bed without having to explain what he should do. It was almost like he could read my mind - it was that good. He should also be responsible and practice safe sex at all times.

He will also give you a massage and that is something else that feels fantastic. Just picture yourself lying on the bed and having a man run his strong hands all over your body, making you feel relaxed and at ease. Afterward he will hold you and tell you how beautiful you are. Maybe he will invite you take a shower or a bath with him. This is also a great time to relax and have fun, talking flirtatiously in the tub while sipping some wine or champagne. It should feel like you've died and gone to Heaven, which is what the whole experience is all about, having a real man take care of you, knowing that he is happy that he has made you feel happy too.