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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Male escort banners and websites

Here are the banners of all the independent male escorts I have verified personally on the web, along with directories and agencies. Happy hunting and I hope you find the right male companion for you! :-D

United States
Gio Vanni - Tampa, FL
Alex S. Logan - New York, Boston, Toronto
James Craig - Las Vegas, NV

Rob - UK
Oscar - Italy
Aundre - Australia
John - Australia

Vlad - Prague

Lucifer - New Zealand
Tayne - New Zealand

Directories, Agencies, and Resources

The Straight Male Escort
Concierge du Monde
Concierge du Monde - Forum
Cowboys for Angels - Boston, Dallas, Las Vegas,
Los Angeles, New York, Florida
S6X Group - Chicago, Los Angeles, New York
The Men's Company - The Netherlands

Eros Male Escorts - Top 100 - Worldwide