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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Male escorts in popular culture: Example #2 - "The Wedding Date" you'll want to skip

The Wedding Date (2005) is a forgettable, trite, paint-by-numbers romantic comedy that occasionally plays on cable from time to time. It stars Debra Messing (from Will and Grace) and Delmot Mulroney (My Best Friend's Wedding). Even though I think it is a lousy movie and I want to rip it to shreds, it still features the male lead character as a male escort, and by this saving grace alone, that is the film's only merit.

Kat (Messing) hires a male escort named Nick (Mulroney) for the weekend so she can attend her sister's wedding in London, and to get back at her ex-boyfriend, who will also be attending. I don't have to tell you very much. It's obvious Kat and Nick are going to fall in love, and that her ex is a lying, scum-sucking, douchebag loser who never learned his lesson by being a chronic womanizer. Not only that, we are led to believe Kat will just readily forgive her sister cheating with her ex! Please. If it was me, it would take me a hell of a long time to forgive her, if I chose to at all.

I felt like this movie totally insulted my intelligence. I'll bet it was made by a bunch of hacks who sat around thinking, "How can we milk the rom-com cash cow for all it's worth? Oh, let's do a story about a male escort and his female client who fall in love, but we want to make it accessible to the masses and sucker poor, unsuspecting women out of their hard-earned cash, so let's dumb down the story as much as possible - oh, and let's throw in some Michael Bublé songs to boot. That guy's popular now. Yeah, yeah - let's do it that way!" Seriously. Hollywood makes me ill sometimes. But it's partly the public's fault for letting Hollywood spoonfeed crap like this into their mouths.

The only scenes I thought were kind of decent and had some heat were the parts where Nick tells Kat how incredible she is when he leans against her by the car and when they make love on the boat for the first time. They do have some snappy banter the next morning, which I thought was kind of funny, about how he didn't charge her "extra" for something sexual she did to him, which is never mentioned. I actually liked the chemistry between Messing and Mulroney. I like them both as actors very much, but even good actors can be ruined by a bad story and script.

I wish they had given Nick more character development. Why did he become a male escort? Also, I felt they needed to push Nick and Kat's relationship to a deeper level. Why does Nick all of a sudden fall for Kat? Just because her ex is treating her like shit and he feels he would be a better man for her? What is it about Kat that would make him give up his profession and his freedom to be with her just like that? Why does she fall for him? More, more, more. I needed MORE, and the film makers didn't give it to me. It's the same old story we've seen re-hashed a hundred times. I just wanted a different take on the "reformed rake" story.

Don't get me wrong. I am a sucker for chick flicks/romantic comedies as much as the next girl, but this one wasn't very good IMO. I wouldn't waste your time on this drivel. You can watch it on Youtube for free if you want (I think someone uploaded it there), but you'd still be wasting your time.

At the very least, it brought male companionship to the forefront of mainstream America, even in its mediocre form.

(The right editing in a trailer can make a movie look better and more flawless than it is. Trust me, I'm an editor myself, so I know.) ;-)