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Monday, October 12, 2009

Video: The Tyra Banks Show - "Would you hire a male escort?"

I found this segment through CDM about male escorts (i.e. "prostitution") that was recently featured on The Tyra Banks Show. Occasionally I watch it if there happens to be something good on. Here is the clip:

I have mixed emotions about it. On one hand, I'm glad Tyra had featured a real "Hung"-type male companion on her show, to show mainstream America that women like me do pay for a real man to keep us company, to give us what we want, and that it's not only men who get to have fun, but we should have those rights as well. It doesn't make us "desperate" like some nasty comments I read on her website and on Youtube. We just value quality and that makes us discerning ladies with class and good taste who want nothing but the best. :-)

Overall, it was very interesting. I wish I could find the second part of the segment, to know what happened with his female client that he went out on a date with. I found his website. It's called Cowboys for Angels. Some of the men on there are kind of cute, I must say. ;-)

On the other hand, the scenario about the husband watching his wife have dinner with the companion while he sat in the corner was a little creepy. It made my skin crawl. Okay, I understand that couples do hire male escorts to - ahem - service their wives or girlfriends. Whatever floats your boat, I always say. I personally wouldn't want to share my husband with another woman if I was married, but I cannot be the judge of what someone else wants to do with his or her sex life. That is their business.

It thought it was kind of funny when Tyra asked the companion about remaking Pretty Woman as Pretty Man, meaning what if he fell in love with one of his clients and wanted to start a future with her. He has the right attitude, though. Companions and clients should not go out for free, and they definitely should NOT have "real" relationships. That's just not allowed. It complicates things too much.

Sorry, Tyra, girl. That, sadly, is only a fairytale.

Here's a quote from a calendar I have up on my wall: "Men are like credit cards. There's a limit to how much fun you can have with them."