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Monday, November 30, 2009

Personal vs. Professional

The more I learn about the profession of male companionship, the more it fascinates me. Because the dynamic between women who hire men is drastically different than men who hire women, this extends to the lines of communication between both parties. Today I would like to focus on this aspect of companionship. How do you handle the situation of getting too deeply involved in your companion's life and vice-versa?

Gentlemen must perform a delicate balancing act when it comes to this scenario. Say you've been out with your companion a couple of times. Everything has gone well and you want to keep the lines of communication open. Realize that he has other clients he must attend to and other things going on in his life. Like anyone else who performs a service (as cold as that may sound), you must wait and make an "appointment" of sorts to talk to him. It may not always be spontaneous - in fact, it can be quite sporadic. Understand that he is not your significant other. You cannot just pick up the phone and call unexpectedly like you would with a boyfriend. He can be your friend to some degree, but as far as communication, that is determined largely on his end.

I am not saying that companions and their clients do not or cannot keep in touch, but he has boundaries and rules about how personal he can be involved in your life, and vice-versa. Like when I went out with Companion X, he asked me several personal questions which I felt were, frankly, none of his business. There is only so much your gentleman will tell you about his life, and that is at his discretion. He is there for you in certain parts of your life, and not for others, and this is where you must respect his space, even though you may be curious to know more about him. That is only natural.

If you really like someone, of course you would want to get to know him further. Because women are more in-tune with their emotions, there is a tendency to become attached in this way with a man. If you find yourself doing this with your companion, you must back off and try to find other ways to keep busy to take your mind off him. Ultimately, he (or any man) will have more respect for you when he sees that he isn't the main focus in your life. Your main focus should be YOU.

This is where it gets tricky. Obviously, if you felt a genuine connection and chemistry there, it is only natural some kind of friendship and camaraderie will come out of it. Like any gentleman, companion or not, he needs his space. There are times when I need my space as well. Imagine if your companion was trying to call or email you all the time? Wouldn't that make you uncomfortable? Wouldn't that be tiresome? I believe it would. Remember that this is his "job". On some level he will treat it as a business, even though it is the business of pleasure, but it is still a business nonetheless. As much as you would like to make it more personal, ultimately it is his decision and you must respect that.

The best thing to do is wait for his lines of communication to open up to you. If there are any issues that you are concerned about, don't be afraid to let him know otherwise it will eat away at you. After all, on your next encounter, he wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable about anything. He is a good listener and is adept at handling any sort of concern. Chances are, he's been through it before. He wants to make sure that you are happy, even if you're struggling with a personal or emotional issue. Somehow both of you will be able to work things out and come to some sort of amicable solution.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sexy Video Sunday: Paula Abdul - "The Way That You Love Me" (Version 2)

Paula Abdul's debut album Forever Your Girl (1988) was a smash blockbuster hit, yielding several number one and top ten singles, including this one, "The Way That You Love Me". When she was really popular, I wasn't a fan, so it took me several years to really dig her music. I'm not a fan of her personally and I think her voice is high, whiny, and really doesn't have much range, but the beats, lyrics, and melody in this song is banging!

The video is even sexier. This single came out in 1989 and it's my favorite Paula song. It was kind of the "last hurrah" of the excessive, decadent, money and power-hungry 80s. (God, I miss those halcyon days!) Look at all the status symbols. You couldn't really make a video like this today because of the poor state of the economy. I always loved the imagery in the video and Paula looks smoking hot, as well as the guy in it who plays the wealthy, seductive businessman. This is actually the second version of the video, which I prefer more. The "hidden" message is that love is more important than money. Enjoy this old school blast from the past! ;-)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Male escorts in popular culture: Example #3 - Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU)

Last night I saw an episode of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (SVU) that featured characters who were male escorts. It was totally by accident that I saw this particular episode since my mom happened to be watching it. I used to watch the show quite a bit until I became busier, but I still enjoy watching it from time to time.

The episode was called "Folly" from the show's earliest episodes during Season 2. I didn't see the very beginning of the show, but the gist of the plot is a male escort is almost beaten to death and another one is murdered. They are tied to a shady escort agency run by a greedy, ruthless, female pimp. Eventually the clues lead to a strange couple who have bizarre, twisted fantasies that have gone too far. SVU is my favorite in the Law and Order series, and the production, casting, and stories are top-notch. I tried to find a clip of the episode to embed on my blog, but I only found it on one site. For some odd reason the video won't play.

I don't want to give away too much of the story, but it was very interesting. True, it shows a negative, seedy, unrealistic side of the profession sensationalized for full dramatic effect, but it's still good to see stories about it on primetime TV. Slowly, but surely, the word is spreading in mainstream culture.

There were some good-looking guys in that episode, I'll say that much! ;-)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Strangers in the Night - My sexy second Vegas date with Smith

Last night I had a wonderful evening with my companion, my darling, the lovely and charming Smith. :-)

I took the bus to the Strip and arrived early enough to change into my outfit in a restroom at the Forum Shops at Caesars. I couldn't get dressed at home since I didn't want my mom to know where I was going, so that's why I had to do it there. I was dressed to kill in a retro ensemble: a black Mad Men/60s-style dress, pearl jewelry, red stilettos (the same ones I wore on Halloween with my nurse's outfit), nude stockings with seams up the back, and a red pea coat. I wanted to dress the part because I know he has an appreciation for all things vintage. :-)

I passed the time by people-watching and listening to music. The anticipation was killing me - it seemed like forever. When the time came closer, I walked across the street to the Flamingo where he was staying. I wasn't used to wearing such high heels for a substantial period of time and my feet were already hurting. I didn't care, though. All I cared about was seeing him again. I waited for the remainder of my time at the food court. Once I got the text from him informing me what the room number was, I went upstairs to meet him.

I had to navigate a long, winding, labyrinthine-style maze of hallways until I finally got to his door, which was the very last one at the end. At least it was isolated enough that we would have privacy. ;-) When he answered the door, he gave me a hug and kiss. I joked that I would "punish" him by making me walk all that way. He had Sinatra playing on his iPod in the background and offered me a glass of red wine. I was breathless from my "pre-workout" and delightedly sat down to relax and have a drink with him.

He dressed in a charcoal gray suit with a black tie. He looked dashing, elegant, and sophisticated, even more handsome and sexy than when I first saw him. In typical Capricornian fashion, he wore a unique set of cuff links made out of vintage typewriter buttons. He said he had a romantic gift for me behind his back. He revealed a pink flamingo novelty pen that was absolutely adorable - I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. I also had a card and a gift for him inside a red and white polka-dot gift bag. I saw it at Barnes & Noble and thought it was funny, knowing he would appreciate the joke. I gave him a book called Las Vegas: Then and Now, which has before-and-after pictures of how the city has changed within the past hundred years. Needless to say, he loved the book.

We sat down on the couch and sipped on our drinks, exchanging sexy banter and passionate kisses in between. He put his arm around me and I rested my head on his chest, contented and happy. It was so romantic that we almost didn't want to leave. However, we were both famished and we took a cab to the Peppermill, the "mystery restaurant" I surprised him with. On the way over, I couldn't find the clasp to buckle my seat belt. Let's just say Smith had a lot of fun trying to help me find it. ;-)

The Peppermill, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is one of the last true vintage Vegas restaurants that has not met the fate of the wrecking ball. It has been around since the early 70s. Many movies and TV shows were filmed there. We went inside the Fireside Lounge for some cocktails before dinner. The décor is bright pink and blue neon with comfy, plush sofas and a big, circular fireplace.


I had a Manhattan and Smith had a merlot. There were nuts on the table and we fed each other some. I spilled a little bit of my drink on my leg and he "cleaned" it up for me. ;-) We talked about my business and other things. He also cracked me up with his wicked sense of humor. Whenever we get together it seems like we never run out of things to talk about. He was always attentive to me, held my hand, and embraced me. He made me feel special, like a real woman.

After a while, we decided to go in to have dinner. As we exited the lounge, I got a little too tipsy and ended up talking to this lady that I thought was Smith until I turned around saw him walking a few paces behind her! Don't ask.

We were seated at a booth and I ordered a club sandwich with onion rings. Smith ordered a different sandwich with fries. Once I sobered up, we continued our flirtatious conversation with more kissing in between. Being with him is so comforting and warm. It's easy to forget that he's a companion - I feel like I've known him forever. For dessert we shared a dish of yummy crème brulee. We seductively fed each other bites of it, including a delicious strawberry. Even if we ended up at In-N-Out or some other fast food place, it still would have been sexy.

After we finished dinner, we walked outside and I showed him the last of the old school neon left on the Strip where the Riviera and Circus Circus were. An Asian lady stopped us and asked if we just got married! :-D

I started laughing hysterically.

She smiled and asked me, "What's so funny?"

I struggled to get the words out. "I don't know, it just seems like a funny idea to me, that's all."

I was tempted to tell her the truth. "No, ma'am, I just rented him for the evening," but I wisely held my tongue. I wonder what her reaction would have been! I can only imagine. ;-)

Smith laughed too and remarked, "I guess we look that good."

We crossed the street to Circus Circus and caught a cab back to the hotel. On the way over, I hiked up my dress a little. He caressed my leg and I got a thrill thinking that the cab driver may have been watching us. It was fun to give him a preview of coming attractions, which I know he very much enjoyed looking at. ;-P

I can tell you we had a most decadent evening, full of some intense and passionate moments. Again, Sinatra played in the background, which added to the romantic, seductive, and erotic mood. We had a lot of fun together. He broke one of my pearl earrings, but I forgive him for it. ;-) I also got to "model" my sexy nurse costume for him. He also pampered me with a soothing massage and we took that shower that we didn't get to have on our first date because I "punished" him.

Before I was about to leave for the evening, we held each other as we stood in front of the window. I saw our reflection in the glass and thought about how happy we looked. We gazed out at the adjacent hotels on the Strip. I said to him (actually, this is kind of a promise) that I would be rich, someday he would be my "kept man", and I would buy him whatever he wanted. He joked that he wanted that neon globe outside Harrah's. I quoted Jimmy Stewart from It's a Wonderful Life by saying, "I'll get a lasso and pull it down for you."

He walked me down to the elevators and kissed me goodbye. Although I would miss him and we only had six hours together, it was one of the best dates I ever had. I know we will get together in the future for many more fantastic engagements. Being with him is like a special treat I give to myself to escape the trappings of everyday life, knowing that our time together is heightened and different from ordinary existence, like a blissful dream you never want to wake up from.

As I was walking to the bus stop, I heard Sinatra music playing from the speakers at Bally's. It definitely made me smile. :-)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sexy Video Sunday: The Music of Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra is arguably one of the most important artists of the 20th century. The catalog of songs he sang during his lifetime is staggering. I became a fan shortly after I saw the original Ocean's 11 (1960). Living in Vegas, the legacy of the Rat Pack still lives on, especially in shows like The Rat Pack is Back, Matt Goss, and Zowie Bowie's Vintage Vegas. I decided to post some videos here, both of Ol' Blue Eyes performing, fan tributes, and the "Fly Me to the Moon" sequence from Down With Love. These videos are getting me in the mood for tonight's date. Enjoy! :-D

The Hannibal video amuses me in a way. I just saw Silence of the Lambs last night. I'm a secret Hannibal/Clarice shipper. For some odd reason, Dr. Lecter goes well with Sinatra. ;-)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sexy Video Sunday: Alicia Silverstone - The Aerosmith Trilogy

Back in the early 90s when I was in eighth grade and my freshman year of high school, respectively, Aerosmith came out with their blockbuster album Get a Grip. I believe the presence of the innocent sex kitten Alicia Silverstone had a lot to do with it. The director, Marty Callner, had seen Alicia in The Crush and cast her in all three music videos for "Amazing", "Cryin'" and "Crazy". The rest was history.

I wanted to be like her growing up. She knew how to work it! :-D

Aerosmith - Crazy by olo07