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Monday, November 30, 2009

Personal vs. Professional

The more I learn about the profession of male companionship, the more it fascinates me. Because the dynamic between women who hire men is drastically different than men who hire women, this extends to the lines of communication between both parties. Today I would like to focus on this aspect of companionship. How do you handle the situation of getting too deeply involved in your companion's life and vice-versa?

Gentlemen must perform a delicate balancing act when it comes to this scenario. Say you've been out with your companion a couple of times. Everything has gone well and you want to keep the lines of communication open. Realize that he has other clients he must attend to and other things going on in his life. Like anyone else who performs a service (as cold as that may sound), you must wait and make an "appointment" of sorts to talk to him. It may not always be spontaneous - in fact, it can be quite sporadic. Understand that he is not your significant other. You cannot just pick up the phone and call unexpectedly like you would with a boyfriend. He can be your friend to some degree, but as far as communication, that is determined largely on his end.

I am not saying that companions and their clients do not or cannot keep in touch, but he has boundaries and rules about how personal he can be involved in your life, and vice-versa. Like when I went out with Companion X, he asked me several personal questions which I felt were, frankly, none of his business. There is only so much your gentleman will tell you about his life, and that is at his discretion. He is there for you in certain parts of your life, and not for others, and this is where you must respect his space, even though you may be curious to know more about him. That is only natural.

If you really like someone, of course you would want to get to know him further. Because women are more in-tune with their emotions, there is a tendency to become attached in this way with a man. If you find yourself doing this with your companion, you must back off and try to find other ways to keep busy to take your mind off him. Ultimately, he (or any man) will have more respect for you when he sees that he isn't the main focus in your life. Your main focus should be YOU.

This is where it gets tricky. Obviously, if you felt a genuine connection and chemistry there, it is only natural some kind of friendship and camaraderie will come out of it. Like any gentleman, companion or not, he needs his space. There are times when I need my space as well. Imagine if your companion was trying to call or email you all the time? Wouldn't that make you uncomfortable? Wouldn't that be tiresome? I believe it would. Remember that this is his "job". On some level he will treat it as a business, even though it is the business of pleasure, but it is still a business nonetheless. As much as you would like to make it more personal, ultimately it is his decision and you must respect that.

The best thing to do is wait for his lines of communication to open up to you. If there are any issues that you are concerned about, don't be afraid to let him know otherwise it will eat away at you. After all, on your next encounter, he wouldn't want you to be uncomfortable about anything. He is a good listener and is adept at handling any sort of concern. Chances are, he's been through it before. He wants to make sure that you are happy, even if you're struggling with a personal or emotional issue. Somehow both of you will be able to work things out and come to some sort of amicable solution.