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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Creativity and Originality - Marketing to Female Clients

I would like to address an issue tonight that has recently come to my attention - marketing to your female clients and how to effectively write creative, original copy for your website.

I have noticed a couple of companions recently that have blatantly copied other websites that I know of. Even my own words have been copied before, which is definitely not cool and notes a lack of professionalism on their part. When you copy someone else's words, it clearly demonstrates laziness and a lack of thought. It may seem like they're getting away with it, but eventually it will be found out sooner or later.

It is really a hindrance and a detriment to you. Think about who you copied. He spent a lot of time writing his words. If you cannot put forth your own effort into creating your website, how good of a companion are you going to be when you're out with a client? It may seem like I'm taking this too seriously, but it actually is a big deal, more than what I thought of until now.

Since I've been involved in this world, the number of male companions has increased steadily. I am glad there are a greater variety of men to choose from now because not every man can be for every woman. However, each man who decides to become a companion has something unique he can bring to his clients. Companies are always trying to find clever marketing strategies to make themselves stand out from their competitors. The business of companionship is no different.

This is the best advice I can give you as a new companion - WRITE YOUR OWN COPY! Think about it. Does it really benefit you to try to be like someone else? Do you think you have to fit into this image of what a male companion "should" be like? No, it does not. You can go onto other peoples' websites and get ideas, but it should really start with you. The concept of women hiring men may be new, but standing out from the "competition" is essential, no matter what the industry.

Because the internet is the way the majority of people communicate in the modern world, the very first impression your potential client will get is when she clicks onto your website. There should be enough information there to get a general sense of what you're like. I'm not saying you should write your life story, but ideally, something should "click" with her that will make her want to send that first email or make that first phone call. What is it? That's what you need to figure out - what makes you special and unique as an individual. Get feedback from others - you'd be surprised what people like and dislike when they browse through websites. Sit down and brainstorm. Write some words or phrases down. Or perhaps you can find someone who can write copy for you if writing is not your forte.

We all have qualities that make us stand out from the crowd. Think about what women have complimented you on in the past. What about your sense of humor? Is it witty, dry, goofy, playful, offbeat? What about your bio? What are your hobbies and interests? What is so different about you that should make your potential client want to hire you? How will you make her feel like she will have the time of her life? Why are you worth the investment? You are not only selling a service and the experience - you are really selling yourself.

How did my companion's website grab my attention? Well, for starters, it had a playful, flirtatious edge to it. I could really feel his personality and "voice" silently reaching out through the screen as I read his words. It may seem strange, but you need to find your own voice. Last fall I learned about this in my Digital Marketing class - the power of finding your own voice in order to grab your customers' attention.

Nowadays, people have short attention spans. It's the age of instant gratification. People want things NOW - at the click of a mouse. That includes a male escort. The voice may be "silent", but your client can still imagine it. You want to be the embodiment of all her dreams and fantasies, and no woman who decides to do this wants to feel like she's with just anybody. She wants to feel like she's with YOU - a sexy, one-of-a-kind, fascinating gentleman that is worth every penny.