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Thursday, March 18, 2010

How Long Should You Hire a Companion?

So now that you've shopped around and found a few guys that caught your attention, the next question is, how long should you hire a male companion for?

It really all depends on several factors. The biggest one is money. Obviously, you should pick a gentleman who has rates that meet the needs of your budget. If he lives abroad, the cost will go up depending upon the conversion rate and if you have to pay for his travel expenses. If he lives in the U.S., he may still charge you for travel rates and any other expenses that occur during your date.

Secondly, how comfortable do you feel getting to know him through email and over the phone? Do you feel any kind of chemistry or connection with him, or do you still have your doubts? If you're still not sure, either you have to talk to someone else before you make a decision, or you may still give him a try and hire him for a bare minimum of an hour. If after an hour or less you're not "feeling" him, you have a perfect right to end the date. After all, without you, the client, he cannot earn his livelihood. You are NUMBER ONE. Always remember that. He is there to please you and make you as happy as possible. Be a little selfish! LOL. Remember, this type of man is meant to devote all his attention to you because you're worth it.

My first time hiring a companion, I was at a distinct disadvantage. Last year after what I thought was an extensive Google search, I could only find a handful of straight male escorts. Three of them lived abroad and I felt their rates were too expensive for me at the time. I chose the gentleman I eventually ended up hiring because he lived close to Vegas, his rates were reasonable enough for the time I wanted (12-14 hours - in retrospect that was WAAAAY too long), and I couldn't find anyone else. I should have just hired him for 1-4 hours, just long enough to spend a little time with him, have a couple of drinks, and dinner. Even if I did that, it still wouldn't have done enough to improve things. I probably should have prolonged my search since there's a lot more gentlemen to choose from now.

Never underestimate the power of chemistry. In a situation like this, it is extremely important you get along with your companion. Actually, "getting along" is not even enough. That is an understatement. He should be your fantasy come to life.

Ladies, always trust your feminine intuition. We weren't born with our "sixth sense" for nothing! The ideal scenario is that you will feel like you're not with him because you hired him for his time, or that he's performing a "service" for you. You should feel like you're a woman and he's a man who have a genuine attraction for each other. You're both out to have an amazing time just like any other ordinary couple out for a night on the town. If the connection is established at the very beginning when you make the first contact, then it will be easy to measure how much time you need to make your first date as memorable and pleasurable as possible. Then it's a no-brainer if that happens. Believe me, I will be the first to tell you I was lucky enough to experience it myself. :-)

If you're new to hiring a male escort and you feel hesitant, shy, or nervous in any way, that is perfectly normal. Even though I've done it three times so far, I still get the feeling of butterflies in my stomach before a date. If you're not sure how to proceed, then hire him for the minimum time he offers. He may even offer to meet with you for coffee or a drink for free if he lives in your local area, or if he happens to be in the city you live in for a visit in between clients. He might offer a special cocktail package for a reasonable fee. Sometimes communication over the internet is not enough. If you find that meeting him in person eliminates any doubts you have about him, then you can make plans to extend the date.

The more you get to know him, the better it is to your advantage to hire him for longer engagements, if possible. If it were up to me and I had the money, I would go for a maximum of 24 hours to a whole weekend. If you've got the time, means, and desire to do this, go for it! You'll be glad you did. ;-)