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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Male escorts in popular culture: Example #4 - Secret Diary of a Call Girl

I just happened to catch a series on Showtime over the weekend called Secret Diary of a Call Girl. It is based on the memoirs of a young lady from the UK named Hannah, who uses the nom de plume, Belle du Jour. She works as a high-class escort and every episode focuses on a chapter she writes about her experiences in her personal and professional life.

I have never seen the series before, even though I've heard the name Belle du Jour in the past. This particular episode I wanted to check out because it featured a male escort. Hannah has never experienced being a client before and decides to do some "research" for her book.

She meets her companion at his in-call and right away she is very nervous. It's never specified how long she hires him for, but it must not have been for very long since he proposes taking a shower five minutes after meeting her! She decides not to join him, but opts to watching him butt-ass naked! I could tell she felt quite awkward. Afterward, she dries him off and they proceed to the bed.

After messing around for a little bit, she freaks out and tells him she doesn't know if she can go through with it. She says she has a boyfriend and she feels she would be unfaithful to him if she went any further. He says that women who are in relationships or who are married see him all the time and she's doing the right thing because she doesn't want to have an affair.

He starts making out with her, but she stops him once again. She confesses she's an escort too and she hired him so she could do research for her book. At first he's upset, but she explains she would never reveal his name and everything she writes about him would be anonymous. Once she convinces him everything would be okay, she tells him, "Show me what you've got." They resume their tryst and have a wonderful time.

She debates whether or not she should lie and say her companion was a lousy lay, but she decides against it and writes the truth: her companion taught her more about the pleasures of her body than all her clients combined and he was extraordinary. Meanwhile, her boyfriend Duncan hires a female companion behind her back. When they are finished having sex, they make plans for another engagement. Hannah calls Duncan and inadvertently blurts out that she loves him.

She emails the chapter she wrote about her male escort experience to Duncan. He's shocked at her honesty at first, but goes to Hannah's apartment to talk about it. He starts becoming aroused at the thought of her being with another man and they start to make love on the sofa. He begins to ask her questions like, "Did it feel good when he pinned you down?" She freaks out and tells him stop talking about her companion. She says it would make her feel too much like he's fucking "Belle" instead of who she really is. They both start to feel awkward and agree not to discuss it anymore.

He also confesses that he loves her and they begin to make love again. They're interrupted by one of Hannah's friends, who is also an escort. She came over to show Hannah her wedding dress. It turns out this is the same woman Duncan hired behind Hannah's back! *Dum dum DUM! Insert dramatic cheesy music here* LOL.

Now, I'm not sure if I will keep watching this series, but it raised a lot of questions in my mind about fidelity and the concept of having an open relationship. It's obvious Duncan knows what she does and is accepting of it. Why isn't he honest with her about hiring escorts too? If he loves his girl, why does he have to hire other women behind her back when he can get all the pussy he wants for free? (Pardon my euphemistic French, LOL). Is he the type of man who can't be satisfied with only one woman? Even so, would she not be as accepting of what he did as he was when she told him she hired a male escort? Like I said, I don't know the series very well, but even in a relationship that seems so open, they still felt weird about the whole male escort thing. I just thought the whole scenario was kind of strange, but that's just me. :-)

As far as the escort Hannah hired, he wasn't all that. I wouldn't have hired him if I was her. ("This was the best guy she could find?" I thought.) When he told her she was beautiful, I felt he was being insincere. ("Yeah, right. You just want her for her money, jerkoff.") If it was me and we only had a couple of hours together, he should *at least* have a substantial conversation with me before wanting to jump in the shower right away. Jesus, buddy! Can't you wait one frickin' minute? LOL. Hannah herself said that the art of seduction for a female companion is taking off her clothes slowly, one article at a time, and that he had a LOT to learn. I completely agree.

Second, shower etiquette requires (at least my own personal shower etiquette LOL) that it should take place after sex, not before. He was cute, but he seemed like kind of a ditz, even if he did claim to know web design (uh huh, that's what they all say LOL). He also used some bad come-on lines too. Even if he was a fantastic lay, he seemed unprofessional. Maybe he was a newbie.

Overall, the episode had its funny moments, but it also made me kind of sad in a way because of Hannah and Duncan's complicated predicament. The sex scenes were hot and it seems like a decent series to pass the time if there's nothing else better to watch on TV.